Most Women Only Wear 20% of Their Clothes

"We're here to change that"

Too many of us stare at a closet full of clothes only to think
"I have nothing to wear." Spending inordinate amounts of time,
constantly trying to develop fresh looks.

Let's toss that myth of the effortless fashionista who whips together
an artful outfit every morning even before the caffeine kicks in.
We're frazzled just thinking about it.

We’re redefining the way women get dressed

Outfit your Closet with
The OYC Frames and you’re always ready to rock a picture perfect day

Our mission is to help all women feel good about themselves - inspired and self assured   We believe woman are lifting the world - we must be seen and heard and to do so we need confidence.  Especially those women who’ve been disempowered by domestic abuse.  We urge our customers to send their purged clothes to a local women’s shelter committed to improving women’s lives.  Repurposing your clothes can fulfill someone else’s dreams... If you’re unsure where to look, OYC  can help find a location near you.

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