Dress without Stress

Dress without Stress

Let’s toss that myth of the effortless fashionista who whips together an artful outfit every morning even before the caffeine kicks in. We’re frazzled just thinking about it.  And most women can’t do it.  In fact, most of us:

  • wear only 20% of our wardrobe
  • throw 10 things on the bed before finding an outfit
  • have a bulging closet and can't see what we already have
  • overbuy and under-wear - and try to forget what we spent on it all
  • wonder if we've lost our style (or gulp, just don't have any)

Inside every dressed-in-a-rush woman is a stylish woman waiting to get out. We’re here to free her with the THE OYC FRAME, a simple tool that will keep your favorite looks organized into ready-to-wear outfits. By combining a photo of the outfit with all the accessories, easy style is at your fingertips and confidence is back in your step.

  • You’ll always have the perfect go-to outfit for every occasion, even the gym
  • Packing for a trip will be painless
  • You’ll save loads of time and money by eliminating impulse buying
  • Plus, your closet will feel like a spacious high end boutique instead of a cramped discount store

               Outfit your Closet ....and take the stress out of getting dressed