Love what you wear

Love what you wear

You know those chic gals who seem to throw it together effortlessly? They’re not born with it. We believe dressing well is something they’ve learned—from other stylish humans. And we can all do the same—so we can shop less, love our choices more and feel great in our clothes.

Here are our favorite tips for building a wardrobe you love:

Learn by example

Take some time to observe fashionable women in the public orbit (or your own circle of friends). Make a study of how they build outfits and what you like about the way they communicate through their clothing.

These days, some of our favorites are Megan Markle, Emanuelle Alt, Caroline De Maigret, and Nicole Kidman, just to name a few. 

Once you’ve found some fashion role models, capture some of their looks on a Pinterest board or in a folder on your desktop for further study. Use their ideas to reflect on what speaks to you, how you’d like to present yourself and what fits into your lifestyle.

This style study can pay big dividends later as you hone your sensibilities and start shopping wisely for looks that are truly you. 

Find Your Fit

Now you look for pieces you love, that suit your style, daily life, and budget. So how do we increase our shopping accuracy so we end up with no duds? Consider fashion pro Tim Gunn’s masterful shopping tip: consider the silhouette, proportion, and fit.

“When those elements are in balance,” Gunn said, “you will look good no matter what you are wearing.”

Let’s talk about each of these. Silhouette refers to the shape of the outfit as a whole. Does the outfit add volume in places you like? Or the opposite?  As for proportions, consider how the outfit interacts with the widest or narrowest part of your body. Check to see that you like the balance this ensemble brings to your unique shape.

Finally, ensure the clothing fits well. Remember that too many baggy elements and mismatched bits can add up to frump. We recommend clothing that fits your body without clinging, bunching up or creating bulges. Think fitted but not tight. 

Have fun

Remember that, while clothing is an investment, style and self-expression should be a fun part of life. Take a playful attitude toward your wardrobe and remember that perfection is an illusion. Put some thought into, of course, but don’t forget the best accessory there is confidence. Enjoy yourself. It shows.