Outfit Your Closet

Outfit Your Closet

Get Inspired...

Browse through your favorite magazines, websites and blogs to discover the looks, styles and trends that you love.

  • What colors are you drawn to?  What shapes, textures, fabrics and accessories?
  • What is your lifestyle?  Do you need different looks for work, weekends or special occasions?
  • How many outfits do you need?  Consider the seasons.

OYC tip - Pinterest is our favorite secret weapon for creating fashion vision boards.  It is an easy, free tool to help build and organize a visual reference of looks you love.


Get Ready...

You’ll need:

  • The OYC Frames and matching OYC Hangers
  • A full length mirror and a light filled space
  • A camera or smart phone
  • an assistant - preferably an OYC recommended wardrobe stylist
  • an on-line printer such as Snapfish or Walgreens-  offering shipping or same day local pickup

Get Started...

Pull everything out of your closet, drawers, storage and laundry.  This includes all accessories.  That’s right, EVERYTHING!  The goal is to be able to clearly see all that you own.

Give yourself plenty of time, space and a positive attitude.  Begin with hair and makeup and whatever else makes you feel like your best self.  Prepare some snacks, turn on your favorite music and welcome your stylist to help you create the closet of your dreams.


Steps for Success...

  1. Try on everything - piece by piece.  Evaluate for color, fit and style.  Pay close attention to how it makes you feel.  Donate or ruthless.
  2. Begin building outfits.  Use your vision board for inspiration and be creative with different items and accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves, shoes, bags) until you’ve created an outfit you like.
  3. Then, kick it up a notch with styling - tuck in your shirt, cuff the pants, roll your sleeves...don’t be afraid to try something new.  Fine tune every detail until you LOVE it.
  4. Take a picture, print a 4x6 image and add to an OYC Frame (each Frame can hold 2 style variations).  Hang the items back in the closet along with the Frame to organize and divide. You can always change out your looks by the week, the month or the season.
  5. Keep going...if your outfit needs something to make it perfect, add the item to a shopping list and turn the Frame backwards to indicate it as incomplete.’s time to step back and admire your beautiful new closet with everything you love and nothing you don’t.